June 6, 2008

Bitumen Myanmar New Tender

Myanmar Government has called for a supply contract for 10,000 metric tones of Bitumen
80/100 and the tender is closing on 13 June 2008. Some of the conditions specified in the
tender documents, has put off a few international traders are

  • Payment will be made by the local bank and the L/C shall not be confirmed
  • Quote to be valid for 90 days ( the market price changes every week)
  • Tender document cost USD 5,000
  • Bid deposit of 2% along with a sample steel drum and a few kgs of bitumen
  • 10% performance guarantee for the supply
  • Open negotiation after the tender price revealed and re-negotiating the final cents

Probably the government officials to ease certain conditions to enable the local traders to participate in the bid by allowing partners from overseas rather getting dictated by a few refiners in the region.

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