August 19, 2009

Bitumen Theft Exposed

RESIDENTS of Kyotera in Rakai district were on Friday surprised when the Police invaded the LC3 chairman’s residence to search for suspected stolen property.

Three Police officers had earlier been instructed by Rakai district Police commander Juma Okungo to guard Charles Lugumya’s home to prevent any movement of property.

Residents told Police that he had hidden drums of bitumen, cement and other items supposed to be used in the construction of Mutukula road in his house.

Town council driver Hamidu Matovu, store keeper Justine Nakafeero and three law enforcement officers, John Kawooya, Yusuf Masembe and Mukasa Kizito were arrested in connection with the theft.

The Police, led by Okungo and Rakai Criminal Investigation Department chief Patrick Awori, searched Lugumya’s house, but did not find any of the materials.

Seventeen empty drums of bitumen were found in the town council store.

The Police also recovered timber, buckets, and 16 empty drums from Matovu’s house.

Matovu told the Police that he was following Lugumya’s instructions.

Lugumya said: “We had about 115 empty drums of bitumen but most were stolen. We had to safeguard the remaining ones,that is why I asked the driver to take them to his home.”

He blamed the road’s site manager and assistant engineer for failing to ensure the safety of the empty drums.
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