September 30, 2009

Recyling Roads with lesser bitumen

The Delhi government is finally beginning road resurfacing in the Capital. For the first time, the PWD will be using new techniques it had been experimenting with in the past.

The re-carpeting process started on Tuesday on Ring Road, close to Hyatt Regency in South Delhi. The 293 lane-km of road will be surfaced using hot in-situ recycling.

The project will cost Rs 37 crore. In this technology, around 70 per cent material available in the road is used and only about 30 per cent material is added. The advantage of using this technique is that the thickness of the road surface is raised only by 10 to 15 mm.

According to the PWD, the life of such roads is five to seven years. This technique was used on an experimental basis on the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road two years ago.

The PWD had started experimenting on new road building technologies after 1997 when the Supreme Court banned hot mix plants inside Delhi. With bitumen supply reduced, the PWD had been looking for alternate options.

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