January 12, 2010

Quality issues of Bitumen

MASUNGA - Residents of Masunga, Mosojane and Mapoka in the North East District have expressed concern about poor standard of roads that run through their villages.

They raised this concern during a series of kgotla meetings addressed by area MP Mr Charles Tibone last week.

Residents said the Sebina-Ramokgwebana loop road is far below standards especially that it leads to the district headquarters - Masunga.

They said the 80-kilometre stretch from Shashe River in Sebina that join the Francistown-Ramokgwebana road is single laned with damaged shoulders.

The other road that residents complained about is Tshesebe-Mosojane-Masunga road which they said has long been overdue for upgrading to bitumen standard.

They reasoned that it should be given priority as it is the shortest route from Francistown to Masunga at 80 kilometres while other roads are well over 100 kilometres.

They told their MP that the state of roads contribute to the slow pace of development in their district as they scare away potential investors and cause rural-urban migration among the able bodied youth who have high potential of developing the district.

In response, Mr Tibone, explained that construction of the Sebina-Ramokgwebana road has been affected by the recent economic downturn.

He said the road had gone though all the stages of feasibility study, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), design and consultation stage.

MP Tibone said construction documents were about to be submitted to the Public Procurement and Assets Disposal Board (PPADB) for the tendering process to begin when the country was hit by the credit crunch, adding however that the project is still reflected in the National Development Plan 10.

He however called on residents to exercise patient as the world is currently recovering from recession. He promised them that the project would take off once the NDP 10 implementation stage starts.

On the construction of Tshesebe-Mosojane-Masunga road, MP Tibone said the money that was allocated for the road was ultimately used to construct some access roads in Mabudzane and Jackalas II.

He however promised to make inquiries on the issue and work on rectifying the mistake. BOPA

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