October 20, 2011

Surface Dressing of Roads

Council prepares roads in Weston-super-Mare for winter

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By vickifitz | Tuesday, October 18, 2011, 10:53
North Somerset Council has been preparing the roads across Weston-super-Mare ready for winter. The annual programme of surface dressing is underway to protect the roads from icy conditions.

Deputy leader and executive member for highways at North Somerset Council, Elfan Ap Rees, said that surface dressing is a quick, low cost way of improving the condition and skid resistance of a road surface.

He said "It prevents water seeping into the foundations of the road and delays the need to carry out more extensive and costly carriageway repairs.

"We carry out surface dressing between the months of May and September as weather conditions need to be dry and warm to enable the bitumen to stick to the carriageway and ensure long-term stability of the dressing."

Roads which have been surface dressed are: part of West Town Road (A370), Backwell; Silver Moor Lane, Banwell; Ashey Lane, Blagdon; Bridgwater Road (A370), Coronation Road/Bleadon Road, and Shiplate Road, Bleadon; Burrington Coombe (B3134), Burrington; Blagdon Lane, Butcombe; Churchill Green/Sandmead Road, Churchill; Crookes Lane and Lower Norton Lane, Kewstoke; Broadmead Lane, Regil; and Tower House Lane, Wraxall.

The process involves spraying bitumen over the surface of the existing carriageway and covering it with a layer of stone chippings.
As the bitumen sets, the stone chippings are compacted in by the use of a roller and further assisted by vehicles travelling over the newly laid surface. Any excess chippings are then swept up.

The main contractor was Balfour Beatty and the cost for this year's programme is in the region of £270,000.

Source - http://www.westonsupermarepeople.co.uk/Council-prepares-roads-Weston-super-Mare-winter/story-13589924-detail/story.html
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