October 24, 2013

Bitumen Contamination

Alberta Environment says bitumen leaking on CNRL's Cold Lake lease has entered aquifers and the company must take immediate steps to minimize its migration into subsurface water and soil.

Sticky bitumen, which has oozed to the surface for more than six months, "has entered local non-saline groundwater aquifers, likely contaminating the groundwater," says the 15-page enforcement order issued by Alberta Environment late Monday.

The enforcement order gives the companbitumen moving up through fissures in the rock to the surface.
y permission to drill more wells this winter to test groundwater at the four leak sites and attempt to stop the flow of

To stop the flow, CNRL will try to identify the exact pathway the bitumen takes to the surface from deep underground, said CNRL spokeswoman Zoe Addington.

Source- Climatenews

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