August 19, 2015

No to supertankers, bitumen pipelines



Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, 

MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, 

at Clover Point on Tuesday. Aug. 18, 2015   

“Meanwhile, we’re still fighting ridiculously, badly 

conceived pipeline projects,” she said.

The Saanich-Gulf Islands MP held her news conference in Victoria as NDP Leader Tom Mulcair took his
campaign up-Island, announcing a three-point plan to protect Canadians from the worsening effects of climate change.
Mulcair pledged more money for disaster training, prevention and relief programs as wildfires rage across B.C.
“The NDP is taking action to ensure Canadians and their homes are safer with an effective and modern
approach to coordinated disaster assistance,” he said in a statement.
“The NDP understands the urgent need for a strong national plan to help prevent, mitigate and respond
to wildfires and floods in the face of climate change.”
University of Victoria political scientist Kimberly Speers said the Greens and NDP appear headed for a
number of close battles on the Island, particularly in Victoria where former CBC radio host
Jo-Ann Roberts is up against incumbent NDP MP Murray Rankin.
“I think it’s going to be pretty close just given the close results in the last election,” she said.
Rankin edged the Green Party’s Donald Galloway in a 2012 byelection by just over 1,100 votes.
The Conservatives and Liberals finished well back.
Roberts was among the candidates on hand as May announced her strategy to defend Canada’s
coastal communities. She said Green MPs will work with the other parties in what she expects
will be a “minority Parliament” to enhance environmental laws, develop a national energy plan
with a commitment to climate action, and embed the “right to a healthy environment”
 in Canada’s constitution.
She also called for a moratorium on drilling for oil and gas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
May said she believes a minority government is a “foregone conclusion” based on the
popularity of the parties in recent years.
“I don’t take any one week’s polls seriously; they jump around,” she said. “But this has been
consistent over a period of years that we’re looking at minority territory for one of the other parties.”


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