September 2, 2015

Looking for Bitumen Tanker Vessels.. Grab One Here

NewLead Holdings Ltd. (OTC: NEWL) ("NewLead" or the "Company") announced today a review of the commercial performance of one of its bitumen tanker vessels, the MT Nepheli ("Nepheli") since the vessel was delivered to NewLead's fleet.
The Nepheli is a 2009-built bitumen tanker vessel of 3,416 dwt and is one of the five bitumen tanker vessels that were delivered to NewLead's fleet in the fourth quarter of 2014.
When NewLead took delivery of the Nepheli in November 2014, the vessel was already chartered-out on a time charter agreement for one year at a net rate of US $6,700 per day. The time charter contract was concluded at the end of July 2015 and from delivery of the vessel to NewLead until such time, 82,473.76 tons of asphalt were transported. Following the conclusion in July 2015, NewLead entered into a new time charter contract, in direct continuation of the prior contract, for a one year period at a gross rate of US $7,400per day less 3.75% commission payable to third parties. The Nepheli will be principally trading in the Middle East area.
Upon delivery of the Nepheli to NewLead in November 2014, the Company invested in the maintenance, improvement and upgrade of the vessel's condition. The vessel's improved technical condition allowed for an increase of approximately 5% in the vessel's cargo in-take capacity and a decrease in the fuel consumption for steaming and cargo heating, as well as an improvement of the speed and consumption of the vessel.
Mr. Michael Zolotas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NewLead, stated, "NewLead's investment in the improvement of the condition of the Nepheli enhanced the commercial performance and tradability of the vessel. Together with the oil major vettings, the Nepheli has been attracting reputable charterers' attention. Our decision to invest in the technical improvement of the vessel upon her delivery to NewLead is expected to enhance the cash flow of NewLead."
Mr. Zolotas added, "The enhanced performance of the Nepheli in the time charter contract upon the delivery of the vessel to NewLead resulted in the renewal of the charter party agreement with improved terms. We will continue to capitalize on the commercial and technical expertise of NewLead which are fundamental in the bitumen market while aiming to expand the Company's fleet with modern bitumen vessels. "
NewLead has approximately 50% and 74.75% of its operating days covered for 2015 and 20% and 16.27% of its operating days covered for 2016 for its dry bulk and tanker vessels, respectively.
Fleet UpdateThe following table details NewLead's fleet as of August 31, 2015:
Vessel Name
Size (dwts)
Vessel Type
Year Built
Charter Expiration Date
Dry Bulk Carriers

Newlead Castellano
Eco-type Handysize
Q4 2015
Newlead Albion
Eco-type Handysize
Q3 2015
Newlead Venetico
Eco-type Handysize
Q3 2015
Newlead Victoria
min Q2 - max Q3 2018
Newlead Markela
Q2 2016
Tanker Vessels

  Newlead Granadino
min Q1 2016 - max Q3 2017
  Katerina L
Q4 2015
Q3 2016
min Q1 2016 - max Q1 2020
Oil Tanker
1. Third party vessel under management   
About NewLead Holdings Ltd.
NewLead Holdings Ltd. is an international vertically integrated shipping, logistics and commodity company providing ideal solutions for seaborne transportation of dry bulk commodities and petroleum products through owned and managed vessels. NewLead controls a fleet of ten vessels, including five dry bulk and five tanker vessels and manages one third party tanker vessel. NewLead is a Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") reporting Foreign Private Issuer in compliance with applicable SEC rules and regulations and current in its SEC reporting, utilizing U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles' financial reporting standards. NewLead's common shares are traded under the symbol "NEWL" on the Over-the-Counter market.
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